2014/12/13 19:49

About myself

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About this blog


Click the tags link in the banner to browse this site's content. You can also click the tags at the start of any article to find similar content. For example: I have tried to bring over as many of the posts from my last blog as possible, they are all tagged archive

You can also click the "View As Single Post >>" link at the bottom of any post on the front page to get an isolated version of the entry which should make sharing any posts easier.


This blog is created using a custom version of Tiddlywiki's static exporter. I keep all my programming notes in a HTA flavoured TiddlyWiki, and being able to export my blog posts from the same resource both saves time and makes it easier to cross reference material. I have written about the process of getting TiddlyWiki to export a subset of articles as a blog here : Creating A Static Webpage Using Tiddlywiki. You can see all my other TiddlyWiki related posts by following this tag tiddlywiki

Finally, being statically exported there is no mechanism for comments but if you contact me either via twitter or email I'll try my best to answer your questions.