Integer Vertex attributes in OpenGL 3.x, Blender 2.53

2014/12/21 19:51

Posted:2010/08/10@ 12am Work has been super busy recently so I haven’t had much time to post though I have managed to find some time for programming:

Firstly, a quick note regarding integer vertex attributes in OpenGL 3.x/4.x. I was having similar problems to this guy when passing through short/integer vertex attributes using glVertexAttribPointer. I couldn’t access them as int (ivec4) only as float(vec4). The solution, as linked to by Dark Photon, is to use glVertexAttribIPointer.

I should remember these links, as referencing to the old manuals is why i wasn’t aware of the existence of glVertexAttribIPointer:OpenGL 3.x reference manual and OpenGL 4.x reference manual

I have been continuing my OpenCL studies, made a few simple programs manipulating VBOs and frame buffers via PBO, nothing too complex yet. Also I have been reworking my animation system, it can now do skinning on the GPU. I’ll be writing more about both of these soon, and hopefully posting some source code.

And lastly Blender 2.53 beta is finally out, i had to rewrite parts of my scripts for it. I will post them here soon!