Extra Tone Mapping Example

2014/12/21 19:39

I have made an example program demonstrating Reinhard tone mapping. This time using an HDR image rather than the simple sphere and backdrop I was using previously previously. This should hopefully make it easier to compare the differences between HDR tone mapping methods. Currently only Reinhard equations 3 and 4 are supported.

I took the image from here: http://filmicgames.com/archives/75 I hope this is ok – if not let me know.

The source it here : https://github.com/welford/opengl_samples in the project 020a.gl_high_dynamic_range, it should work in VS Express 2010 or 2012. To load the image I modified this Nvidia dds loader, and header file to also load RGBAF16 files. I didn’t change anything else about the loader, just a small hack for this demo.

The controls are:

  • 1,2 : switch between Reinhard equations 3 and 4
  • up/down arrow key: In the case of Reinhard equation 4, this changes the smallest luminance mapped to pure white
  • shift key + up/down arrow key: changes the key of the scene, set at 0.18 by default