Animations in Bpy 2.5,Other Updates

2014/12/21 19:50

Changing animations in Blender Python 2.5:

skelly =["skeleton"]
skelly.animation_data.action =["Animation2"]

Which changes the animation of object “skeleton” to “Animation2″ if it exists. I am posting this because the Blender API documentation for Object says that animation_data is read only, when it seems not to be.

Aside from reading the Blender API I have also been working on my OpenGL animation systems. I now have a Texture Buffer Object (TBO) version of skinning working as well as the previously mentioned PBO one. The Advantage of a TBO over a PBO is that I don’t have to transfer the data from main memory to a GPU Array Buffer, then from the Array Buffer to a Texture Buffer.

I have also made a simple OpenCL Animation program, which when used with the TBO means that aside from a global timer update all my animations (posing/blending/skinning) can take place on the GPU. I’ll post more about this later.